Drunk Shadow is Shadow's demonic form when he is intoxicated.

He first appeared on the New Year's Eve of 2012, when Shadow had been drinking. He said many random things, even seeming to flirt with Mew once and randomly kicking Orange repeatedly. He is overly affectionater and much more creepy than the original Shadow. He has a crush on Jessie, primarily her hair.

Drunk Shadow rap battled 2.0 once.


  • fi snakl; f da i dont' take orders from nothing andit nowone
  • I'm the unstoppable force against an immovable object
  • f;slkdfja;sldfkja my face
  • punches dont make me sober -_-
  • guys guys i never toald you gthis you are all, the best friends ever like, i'sll never meet any of yall but you guys are like, sooo cool i'm privelged to be the leader  and i just wanna say you're all awesome and stuff
  • and we kicked out that little punk brady togetha
  • Next verse, orange face
  • CoMUTHAF**KINGgreen is here
  • i'm having the tima of mah life!!!
  • no homo, i love yall
  • wut country, dat i don't like
  • we make is awesomesauce
  • i think jessie's sexy especially her hair
  • ash is 10 year old girl in disguise
  • brock needs to open his eyes double entendre
  • there are waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too many pokmon
  • charizard is a dragon like flying thigny
  • james needs ta grow a pair
  • jessiebelle is not a nice person
  • ban me i come bakc tastier
  • you too close to james gurl ITS DISGUSTING
  • I'll start first cuz imma beast

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