Season 1 Edit

Emily started out as just another character. She would fight the evil note pad with the group, fight note pad and his minions. But one day It was discovered Emily was a secret agent. She wasn't a bad secret agent but she never told the rest of them. Brady found out one day and told the rest. Emily still continued to be apart of the uncreative group. But she didn't really know how they felt about her. Emily has always been alittle insecure about how they gang feels about her but she never told them that. 

Season 2 Edit

My oc emily

My oc!

~Coming soon~


  • Kayla
  • Gleek
  • Mew
  • 2.0 
  • Dami
  • Berry

Enemies Edit

  • Brady (Her now top enemy) 
  • Notepad
  • Yellow
  • Lobster
  • Crow 
  • Rats 

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