Kayla is one of the main characters in the Uncreative Series.

Kayla is a main character in the series. She is usually happy and bubbly. She can be a bit dumb sometimes. She loves everything and everyone.

Coverage Edit

Season 1: Kayla is one of the original 5 warriors. She helped the team defeat Notebook, and has participated in character invasions. She is known to be well liked by everyone. When the crew went to Waffle Island, Kayla was one of the people shocked by Emily and Brady's sudden conflict. She helped defeat Waffle Wizard, after she was tied up, along with Brady, Berry, Dawn, and Inky.

Friends Edit

  • Gleek
  • Emily
  • Brady
  • 2.0
  • Dami
  • Berry
  • Inky

Enemies Edit

  • Crow
  • Lobster
  • Yellow
  • Rats

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