Spellcheck Man is a character from the Uncreative series.

Spellcheck Man

He has had large conflicts with Brady, and has appeared several times throughout the series, but usually ends up being thrown off a cliff or being pushed off the jumbo jet right when he appears.

Coverage Edit

Season 1: Spellcheck Man has appeared off-screen in most of his appearances. Ever since the beginning of the seies, he had a one-sided conflict with Brady, before he revealed himself.During his appearance, he dramatically revealed to be the one who had been pestering Brady the whole time. He has had a conflict with father time, and seems to be a wanna-be super villain. He has most recently become feral, even past the point that Brady went in previous episodes. In "The land of...Real Estate?", Spellcheck Man was seen in a cameo, where he briefly appeared in the Real Estate room.

Season 2:

Friendships Edit

  • Mother Nature

Enemies Edit

  • Brady
  • Father Time

Trivia Edit

  • Spellcheck Man is so far the second character to become feral
    • The first was Brady
    • coincidentally, they are arch rivals.
  • There is a running gag of Spellcheck man being thrown off of cliffs right when he appears.
  • Spellcheckman is one of the many characters to make it to season two.

Gallery Edit

Cargo SP man

spellcheck Man's first cameo after he was kicked off of the plane.

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