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    Well, after a long week of raps, rhymes, big wins, and enormous comebacks, only four contestants could advance. Here are your Round One standings:

    Shadow VS. Mewtron: Shadow wins. Status: Close Call This was a close one, but Shadow managed to take the win.

    CoGreen VS. Orange, featuring The Cat: CoGreen wins. Status: Blowout CoGreen won by a longshot. Thankfully, The Cat is gone...for now. Congratulations to CoGreen!

    Twilightlicous VS. Brickster U: Brickster U wins Status: Giant Comeback Twilight had the early lead, 11-1. Everyone including Brick counted it over, but through the week Brick slowly came back, beating Twilight 10-8.

    Complicated VS. Camrie, Featuring Nina: Complicated Wins Status: Close Call Complicated was able to win, but Nina and Camrie we…

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  • Brickster U


    • A rap battle tournament will be taking place on the wiki. Sign up in the comments! If you want, you can suggest matchups.
    • It has been decided that it will be User vs. User, in battle. Not UC character.
    • The tournament is double-elimination after round one, so if you win your first match, and lose the next, you get another chance in the losers bracket.
    • Mid-tournament, you can vote for two competitors to return. They will face eachother, and the winner of that will...Well, you'll see. Its a surprise.
    • these are the current matchups for this week:
      • ¹Mighty Mewtron vs. ²Shadow Star
      • ³CoGreen2.0 vs. OrangeBirdMaster2
      • ⁴ComplicatedGirl101 vs. Trenchrun
      •  Twilightlicious vs. Brickster U*
    • There will be top 4 rankings of rappers eve…
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  • Brickster U

    Rap Battles anyone?

    November 30, 2012 by Brickster U

    Well, I have done a blog like this before, but it failed epic-ly. So, I shall try again. I got to thinking, and I thought that maybe a little rap battle tournament would be a fun activity for this wiki. Of course, I am busy lately, but maybe 2 battles a week could work. But before I start a tournament, I need some opinions. Here are the things that you can vote for below in the comments:

    • Will the battles be User vs. User (example: Brickster U vs. Shadow Star), ir should they be UC characters (Waffle Wizard vs. Inky)?
    • Do you even WANT to have a tournament?
    • How many battles per week?
    • If you are bored, recommend some matchups, I guess.
    • and...there's not really anymore choices...

    So, comment below. I will make a follow-up blog about this once I see …

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  • Brickster U

    Now, Now, Kiddies.

    November 28, 2012 by Brickster U

    Hello, all. Brickster U (Or Tylerbrickfan) here. (I am laughing as I write this, for the record.) I have noticed that some users (I wont mention names) have been given a hard time by some TD wikiers who are still crying about their underage friends being banned by us. And yes, before I go on, I will openly state that I was one of the people who got the evidence to get them banned. Well guess what: Get over it. Its a rule and I intend on enforcing it. Anyway, here is a little mesage to any User who has been giving someone a hard time. (I know you are reading this, since I see that most if you guys spy on this wiki 24/7. trying to find something?) So here it is: So, I see your underage friend has been banned. What a shame. Lets take a minute…

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  • Brickster U

    Season Two:Coming Soon.

    November 27, 2012 by Brickster U

    Okay. So, lately, most of us, myself included, have been very busy. The Uncreative Season Two got cancelled recently, and the main purpose of this wiki seems to have been kind of forgotten by most of us. That isn't such a bad thing, as it helps with the effect of my newest project I'm working on. I understand we are too busy to roleplay, but I didn't want the series to be totally scrapped. So that is why I bring you this: I am going to write this season (atleast the first half) myself, for all of you to enjoy. I had just finished watching "Rise Of The Guardians" in the theatre, and I was inspired by the storyline of it. (It wasn't as cute as you would think it was. I reccomend the movie highly to all ages.) So, my idea is to have a mysteri…

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