So, I am writing this blog to just recap on what has happened lately, and kind of transition into what might happen in the near future. So, I will start out with the whole Raptor deal. So, as we know, he has claimed to have been dovoodoo this whole time. Well, not a surprise, as he manipulated me into looking like a bad guy along with eight other users. He impersonated me, and that's when we all learned the truth of Raptors true, evil, racist ways. But, he is gone now. We can take that problem off the list, thankfully. But, one User, who we all know, refuses to believe Raptor, and continues to keep us banned. Well, I don't care. But I know some of you do. A lot of users are asking the staff to unban us now that they all know who was behind the whole thing. But, alas, we stay banned. I surly hope you users can get back into that wiki. As for me, as you all know, I seriously, seriously, don't care if I get back in or not. Now, if I am ever allowed back in, I would surly make a visit back to the wiki that I started at. But if we stay banned,(which is 97% likely) I wont really be effected. So, this marks my conclusion--There is some evidence of a certain User who's past has been revealed to have been a vandal-like one. There is a team of users that are gathering some evidence to present to the Community Central forums. This is not to stir trouble, it is to have a past-vandal face consequences for his past actions. And as you may know, this User is all for consequences and getting what you deserve, so I find this rather ironic. Well, that's all I got. If you read this far, you shall be rewarded one virtual cookie. *tosses cookie* Thank you, and have a great day.

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