You users from the Total Drama wiki who came here to yell at me need to stop, or leave.

I have had enough of you users coming in here like you think you can just yell at me.

You know what really happned? Here's a little recap.

I was demoted from the TD wiki. I truthfully did'nt care, but decided to let Pinky have a piece of my mind.

I told her she has been super rude to me in the past, hence I believed that she should be demoted.

I asked users who knew Pinky their oppinions of her banning me from chat for speaking my opinion.

A bunch of crap went on, and we all got banned.

2.0, Mew, Kayla, Gleek, Berry, Shadow, and Emily aAre the only ones who did'nt go completely nuts on me. Pretty much everyone else did. They yelled and screamed and threw a fit. Virtually speaking, of course.

Now, most people understand that all I was doing was letting out my last opinion before I moved to the Gravity Falls wiki with 2.0. Even Merrystar, a wikia staff member, understands I mean no harm. And she knows that from seeing this whole thing from afar. Most have appologized to me, as I have appologized to them. All is well. Almost.

As for you users who think they can come in here and tell me what to do, you are sadly misaken. Stop it, or banning will take place.

Yeah. Tylerbrickfan out.

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