Hello, fellow users. I have an anouncment that most likely does not effect your lives in any way, shape, or form, although I intend to tell you anyway. I have changed my username from "Tylerbrickfan" to... *Drumroll* "Brickster U" ! You may be wondering, "What does that even mean?!" If you are thinking that, here is thy answer. The Brickster part comes from my previous User name, Tylerbrickfan. I once joked around with some new users on the TD wiki, telling them to call me "Brickster" as a little, catchy, spin on my username. So, that is where the "Brickster" part of it comes from. Now for the probably confusing part of my new username. The "U". Any die-hard Nintendo fan, like me, would get this. But, as I know, not everyone is a Nintendo fanatic like I am. So, I shall explain. The "U" comes from the just-released console from nintendo, (it was just launched moments ago from now) the "Wii U". The Wii U is the most amazing game system-no, he most amazing invention, period, ever to be exposed to man kind. So, my old, un-catchy, bland old User name has now transitioned to the slightly more catchy and non-dull (in my oppinion) Brickster U! I just felt like telling you all...okay...that is all.

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