So, I got to thinking. Rapbattles. Very fun, and a very great way to settle arguments and/or rivalrys once and for all, without having a capital letter-a-thon. So, would anyone like to get a little rap battle thing going? I'm positive that some of you would just love to get one more shot at that one rivalry/conflict with that user (whoever it is for you) so you can get it off your chest and reign supreme. Of course, this is all for fun. Not trying to start fights. Actually, kind of the opposite. So, any users, from the TD wiki or from here, can battle against eachother. If I get enough participants, I will turn this into a tournament. So please, comment below, with suggestions of users who you know are rivals, who you would love to see in a rap battle. Yes, you are allowed to nominate yourself. I am positive that this will be a fun, non-stressful actvity.

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