• A rap battle tournament will be taking place on the wiki. Sign up in the comments! If you want, you can suggest matchups.
  • It has been decided that it will be User vs. User, in battle. Not UC character.
  • The tournament is double-elimination after round one, so if you win your first match, and lose the next, you get another chance in the losers bracket.
  • Mid-tournament, you can vote for two competitors to return. They will face eachother, and the winner of that will...Well, you'll see. Its a surprise.
  • these are the current matchups for this week:
    • ¹Mighty Mewtron vs. ²Shadow Star
    • ³CoGreen2.0 vs. OrangeBirdMaster2
    • ⁴ComplicatedGirl101 vs. Trenchrun
    •  Twilightlicious vs. Brickster U*
  • There will be top 4 rankings of rappers every week. The following is an automated ranking based on activity on the wiki:
  • 1.Mighty Mewtron
  • 2.Shadow Star
  • 3.CoGreen2.0
  • 4.ComplicatedGirl101

!*=Brick temporarily left, but returned for weekends, causing his ranking to be lost.

You can do your battle any time this week, just copy and paste it to my message wall, or Shadow Stars Message wall.

  • Sign ups have ended, and the tournament has started. Let the battle begin!'

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