Well, I have done a blog like this before, but it failed epic-ly. So, I shall try again. I got to thinking, and I thought that maybe a little rap battle tournament would be a fun activity for this wiki. Of course, I am busy lately, but maybe 2 battles a week could work. But before I start a tournament, I need some opinions. Here are the things that you can vote for below in the comments:

  • Will the battles be User vs. User (example: Brickster U vs. Shadow Star), ir should they be UC characters (Waffle Wizard vs. Inky)?
  • Do you even WANT to have a tournament?
  • How many battles per week?
  • If you are bored, recommend some matchups, I guess.
  • and...there's not really anymore choices...

So, comment below. I will make a follow-up blog about this once I see everyone's (or almost everyone's) opinion.

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