Well, after a long week of raps, rhymes, big wins, and enormous comebacks, only four contestants could advance. Here are your Round One standings:

Shadow VS. Mewtron: Shadow wins. Status: Close Call This was a close one, but Shadow managed to take the win.

CoGreen VS. Orange, featuring The Cat: CoGreen wins. Status: Blowout CoGreen won by a longshot. Thankfully, The Cat is gone...for now. Congratulations to CoGreen!

Twilightlicous VS. Brickster U: Brickster U wins Status: Giant Comeback Twilight had the early lead, 11-1. Everyone including Brick counted it over, but through the week Brick slowly came back, beating Twilight 10-8.

Complicated VS. Camrie, Featuring Nina: Complicated Wins Status: Close Call Complicated was able to win, but Nina and Camrie were right behind her.


1. CoGreen 2. Shadow 3. Brickster 4. Complicated

Round Two Matchups

The following are the Round Two Battles for this week:

  • ²Shadow VS. ³Brickster
  • ¹CoGreen VS. ⁴Complicated
  • Whoever wins their round two match will go to the winners bracket, while the losers of their round two match goes to the losers bracket.

Comeback Challenge Details

Now, of you lost, you may be counting it over. But, it isn't.

All losers will get a chance to return in the Comeback Challenge; When the final two are announced (Winner of the winners bracket versus the winner of the losers bracket), a past-loser will be able to be voted back into the competition, facing the winner of the losers bracket for an "All or Nothing Showdown". More will be explained when the final 2 nears closer.

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