So, here's a preview of Uncreative season two. we will NOT be doing Aa TD parody. The original, random roleplay is still, and always will be, our concept. All characters will return, and the villains will have formed an alliance. mew, tweet, and TBA will debut, and emily may return from her absense. Also, characters like waffle wizard will have larger roles, and a new character, Notebook, (notePad's twin) will be inroduced. Is he evil? Is he good? We will have to wait and see.

  • The official Main Antogonist this season is.....
    • Dawn.
  • The Secondary Antogonist is.....
    • Waffle Wizard.
  • The Five Warriors return, BUT the following characters do NOT return:
    • Isabella
    • Cody
    • Sensei Rat
    • Notepad
  • The New characters are:
    • Tweet
    • Mew

And finally:

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