The following is a parody of PSY's Gangnam style. It is written in the point of view of most users.

To get an idea of the tune, I will use a parody called "Obama style" which this was based off of.

Full video

So it started when he joined wikia this past summer. didn't let opinions go, it was a total bummer. He got promoted and then started to let his mouth fly- and now he's demoted and banned, forgotten guy. 0:28--0:42

He gets your friends banned! He gets them banned and blames it on the second hand! The people come with fierceness and they have strong demand! To get him banned! 0:43--0:57

Is he a good guy, or is he bad, guys? I don't know. I just don't know. Is he lying, or is he trying? I don't know! I just don't know! He's sneaky and thinks he's invisible-ble-ble-ble-ble! 0:58--1:19

Tylerbrickfan style.

Tylerbrickfan style.

Ty-Ty-Ty-Tylerbrickfan style!

Heeeeyyy Banned from that wik-ay! Tylerbrickfan style! Heeeyyy He quit anyway! Ty-Ty-Tylerbrickfan style! 1:20--1:50

He get's your friends banned from emily to steph. you might not like him if you were good friends with them. He really doesn't care and he isn't really over there!1:51--2:03

Most people don't like him! they think he is a jerk and really isn't fair! But he doesn't care! Got slick and smooth hair...2:04--2:18

Is he trying, Or is he just lying? I don't know. How can we tell. He has too much pride, has a proud stride, i've had enough. It's just too much-uch-uch-uch-ch!2:19--2:41

Tylerbrickfan style.

Heeeeyy got your friends banned! Tylerbrickfan style. Ty-ty-tylerbrickfan style! Heeeeyyy he's like this every day! Tylerbrickfan style.2:58--3:12

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