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    Hello everyone. If you are just arriving, then welcome! This is Star Wiki...or Uncreative Wiki, it's still being debated. Anyway, this is just the first step into success for this wiki. We're on our way. But there are some people who don't quite agree or see things differently. I understand, I was one of those people. BUT, I am aware that you have good reasons why this whole change SHOULD NOT happen. Well, here is where you can state your opinion and get friendly responses! Unless you just say something along the lines of "the change is stupid, star people are stupid! WAH!" In that case, you will be trolled. So here are some things you should know about this blog!...

    To move all arguments to one place to avoid mix-ups.

    To organize our though…

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    R.I.P. Total Drama

    February 3, 2013 by CoGreen2.0

    The cast for the new season of Total Drama is becoming more and more clear. It's also apparent that the cast sucks. SUCKS! Duncan is back. Courtney is back. Heather is back. Lightning is back. Cameron is back. Zoey is back. Mike is back. Gwen is back. It's awful. Nothing against Courtney and Gwen...but THE REST SUCK!! And guess what? Dawn is NOT COMPETING! At this point...

    The producers are stupid

    The producers have no originality

    The producers are brainless morons. 

    I hate Total Drama for this. Season 5 will suck, don't watch it, rest in peace Total Drama Island, Total Drama Action, and the first half of Total Drama World Tour. Revenge of the Island was the death of Total Drama....Season 5 shall be the funeral.

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    IF YOU'RE READING TDIDO AND YOU DON'T KNOW THE FINAL 2 THEN STOP AND LEAVE THIS PAGE.....if you don't plan on reading and you know of Mew's love of James, and Camrie's glitter...go ahead and read.

    === The Finish Line === (All of the campers are gathered at the finish line. They are sitting around, bored)

    Dakota: Ugh. Where ARE they? It's been like… 5 minutes!

    Leshawna: They'll be here! Chill out, girl. 

    Harold: HERE THEY COME! (points to Dj and Zoey who are running as fast as they can)

    Leshawna: Ooh! It looks close!

    Jo: I think Zoey's ahead!

    Owen: Dj looks ahead! I think he's going faster!

    Justin: Obviously, Zoey is quicker. She's gonna win!

    Brick: I'd put my money on Dj. He's almost here.

    Sadie: So is Zoey! 

    Katie: GO DJ!

    Mike: GO ZOEY!

    Dakota: Who's …

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    The Five Flaws

    December 17, 2012 by CoGreen2.0

    Brady is probably blowing a gasket again. This time, directed at all of us. He's done this to everyone. He may seem like he's trying to be calm, but he is only emulating the collected behavior of those he's lost arguments against. For Example, how Twilight subtly insults you. Twilight does this very well. Not an insult to Twilight, a compliment. Brady is trying to copy this tactic by pretending that he's calm. Don't be fooled. Brady can't fool anyone anymore. We know his real nature. So, if you come across Brady on the Wiki chat or...anywhere, actually, just remember these flaws.

    1. Egoism - Brady will always, and I mean ALWAYS, use this. It most likely comes in the form of this phrase he has taken a shining to "I have a life, I don't waste …

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    Chris: Last time on Total Drama Do-Over, our campers were faced with a three part challenge. They had to run, they had to eat and the best part, they had to stay awake for 3 days! It was brutal. Some people cracked, some people cried, the rest just lost hope for themselves. In the end it came down to two teams. Thanks to Sierra's sugar rush, she won for her team. At the bonfire ceremony, It was either Sam for not only losing his video game, but his minf soon after. Or Dj for helping out the other team and falling asleep early....Anne Maria for her stupidity or Justin for his obsession with his looks. In the end, it was Justin and Sam who were forced to walk the Dock of Shame. Somebody get Sam a game console. Kid ain't looking too well. Who…

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