IF YOU'RE READING TDIDO AND YOU DON'T KNOW THE FINAL 2 THEN STOP AND LEAVE THIS PAGE.....if you don't plan on reading and you know of Mew's love of James, and Camrie's glitter...go ahead and read.

=== The Finish Line === (All of the campers are gathered at the finish line. They are sitting around, bored)

Dakota: Ugh. Where ARE they? It's been like… 5 minutes!

Leshawna: They'll be here! Chill out, girl. 

Harold: HERE THEY COME! (points to Dj and Zoey who are running as fast as they can)

Leshawna: Ooh! It looks close!

Jo: I think Zoey's ahead!

Owen: Dj looks ahead! I think he's going faster!

Justin: Obviously, Zoey is quicker. She's gonna win!

Brick: I'd put my money on Dj. He's almost here.

Sadie: So is Zoey! 

Katie: GO DJ!

Mike: GO ZOEY!

Dakota: Who's gonna win!?!? Who will be a shining star!?

Lindsay: You mean....being bright?

Harold: YEAH! Who's brightest!?

?????: I am the flame that burns brightest!

Courtney:....Did anybody hear that?

?????: A flame that lights the night.

Anne Maria: What is....THAT!? (they look up and see a man with blue hair wearing a costume that appears to be a red bird)

Owen: Is that the pizza guy?

Tyler: Who the shizzle is that!?

Mew: It's JAMES!

Scott: Who the hell is that...and who the hell are you!?


James: A flame that shadows the darkness! I AM A FLAMING MOLTRES! (swoops down and kicks Zoey to the side. James begins flying alongside Dj) Greetings, my cross dressing bretherin!

Dj: What!? (A girl runs up and kicks Dj. She is leaving behind a trail of glitter as she runs)

Camrie: I AM CAMRIE! And you hurt MAI ZOEY! You'll pay for that! (glares at James) 

James: (shoots a fireball at Camrie)

Camrie: (shoots glitter laser at James. They both get hit and go flying into a tree) I'm not done yet! (summons cliff powers. The ground breaks apart and a huge cliff appears) Imma toss you OFF A CLIFF!!

James: (begins flying)

Camrie: ...I forgot you could fly.......Oops.....

James: I have no weakness excpet for(Sierra cuts him off)

Sierra: I am not Sierra. (spins and turns into Jessiebelle) I AM JESSIEBELLE! 


Trent: What is going on here!?

Abigail: I have no idea...but I love it. 


Mew: I WILL SAVE YOU! (runs up and kicks Jessiebelle in the jaw) I save James!

James: Thank you! (flies towards the finish line)

Zoey: I think I broke my hip.


Camrie: (is running towards the finish line) I'm almost there!

Geoff: WOOOHHOOOO! Wth is going on?

Izzy: GLITTER! (Camrie summons glitter rain) I love glitter! (eats glitter) 

Camrie and James are neck and neck running towards the finish line

James: (flies at a ridiculous speed and crosses the finish line) I AM A STAR! I BURN BRIGHTEST!

Camrie: If only there was a way to vent my anger. (Sees Courtney..then looks back at the cliff she made) That'll do. (grabs Courtney and tosses her off a cliff) 


Everyone: YAY! (they all cheer for Camrie and James) 

Chris: Nice! Anyway. I am proud to announce the winner of TOTAL DRAMA ISLAND IS..........KAYLA! (They all stop cheering)

Leshawna: Who?

Kayla: I crossed the finish line five minutes ago. 

Chris: True. (hands the case to Kayla) Yeah...that's it can all go home. 


Felicity: What?

Heather: This is crazy!

Owen: This is spectacular!

Noah: Umm....what?

Bridgette: I guess that's it then.

James: Oh well...I'm still rich....PARTY ON MY HOT AIR BALLOON! (they all cheer and run to the Meowth Balloon)

=== Meowth Balloon === (Jessie and Meowth are bewildered as James runs towards the balloon with 45 teenagers hot on his trail)

Jessie: WTF is this!?

James: PARTY! (the total drama cast flies off with James to have numerous adventures in the Pokemon World)

Camrie: (is watching all of this with Kayla) ...... Wanna go host "Toss it Off a Cliff" with me?

Kayla: Yes. (takes her million dollars and walks away)


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