Chris: Last time on Total Drama Do-Over, our campers were faced with a three part challenge. They had to run, they had to eat and the best part, they had to stay awake for 3 days! It was brutal. Some people cracked, some people cried, the rest just lost hope for themselves. In the end it came down to two teams. Thanks to Sierra's sugar rush, she won for her team. At the bonfire ceremony, It was either Sam for not only losing his video game, but his minf soon after. Or Dj for helping out the other team and falling asleep early....Anne Maria for her stupidity or Justin for his obsession with his looks. In the end, it was Justin and Sam who were forced to walk the Dock of Shame. Somebody get Sam a game console. Kid ain't looking too well. Who will be voted out this week? Find out at the most dramatic bonfire ceremony yet. Find out tonight on TOTAL DRAMA ISLAND!

Camp Grounds: (the campers are walking to the dining hall. Some are already eating, some are just getting up. Shin is on his way to breakfast. Beth is too)

Shin: What's for breakfast? I hope it's not toenail chili again.

Beth: Who eats chili in the morning?

Shin: I was emphasizing the toenail part more than the chili.

Will: (is being carried by Duncan and Geoff to breakfast) I don't want to eat. (They ignore him and walks him into the dining hall)

--->Duncan: The kid's just being whiny. No way am I losing because he wants to have a bad everyday.

Dining Hall:

Alejandro has Lindsay, Sadie, Katie, Izzy, Dakota, Blaineley, Leshawna and Vanessa crowding around his table. Duncan sits next to

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