im sure all of us are aware of the stuff that went on in DeviantArt, WT said some very homophobic comments, then stated that he was simply told to send them from the orders Akane(or was it 2.0? meh) when we yelled at him, he did not seem to know what we were talking about, and even said that he did not have a DA account. That is to some extent true, as the account was made just shortly before the homophobic comments arrived, it even had his current wiki avatar and name.

only a few days later (AKA today) Berry did the same thing on DA, only this time it was racist comments, saying that we are white racists and other bulls***. he then said that "he is a simple messenger" meaning that it was under the orders of a UC admin. Berry currently denies everything, and is willing to help find his imposter. Interesting fact is that his DA account was made just shortly before the racist insults.

If you payed close attention to the previous paragraphs and situations and other tidbits, you most likely noticed the patterns. both users made very offensive comments on DA, and even blamed UC admins for telling them to send these insults. both also never owned a DA account up until the comments were posted.

Is it possible that someone is imitating these users by copying their username and avatars? and are trying to get us to ban them? or even worse, did they plan this together. Its still skeptic, but I will be totally convinced if another one of our users does something similiar on DA, that only made their account just before making the comments.

I suggest that this gets overlooked, im now worried that we have yelled and banned the wrong people.

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