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Well, after another day of voting, Mike got eliminated.


Here is my recap of all the eliminated contestants in Season 3

18. Sam - I figured he was gonna be eliminated first since he was in the final 2 in the Season 2.

17. Owen - I actually thought Owen was actually gonna get far like in the real series of Season 1 (but not in the Final 2)

16. Harold - I kind of hated it when he wasn't voted off but Tyler was in Season 1, so I wanted him to get eliminated (but I thought he would have been eliminated in the 2nd elimination).

15/14. Anne Maria/Cameron - I figured Anne Maria was not gonna get far, but I didn't expect Cameron.

13. Leshawna - Like Anne Maria, I figured Leshawna wasn't gonna get far.

12. Heather - I realized something funny about Heather this season. In Total Drama Action, she was the last person to get eliminated before the merge, and in this season, she was the last person to get eliminated before the merge.

11. Geoff - If you would count this elimination table as a real season of TD, all (except Justin) of the first males to get eliminated after the merge are happy-go-lucky characters (also, this would be the first season in which the male is from the Killer Bass).

10. Jo - Whenever Team Newbies lost, I wanted her to be voted off b/c after Anne Maria, she was my least favorite character on that team.

9. Eva - I hate her. I wanted to get rid of her so bad (after all, she IS the cause of Cody not coming into the season).

8. Lindsay - Like Jo, whenever Team All-Stars lost, I actually wanted to vote off Lindsay cause she was in the Final 2.

7. B - I was surprised to see him get this far.

6. Brick - I figured he wasn't gonna get as far as the last time.

5. DJ - Dang, I thought he would get into the Final 4 this season.

4. Bridgette - Well, when the Final 4 came, I didn't know who to vote for. Then I saw everyone vote for Bridgette, so I decided to just vote for her.

3. Mike - It was close, very close, but (by 2 votes) Mike got eliminated last time.

Well, of these people that got voted off, who would you wanted for in the Final 2? NOTE: The Final 2 blog will be tomorrow night! ;)

Season 4 and the future note

After Season 3, I will be giving the series to Orbit. Orbit will take it from here on out until he wants to stop or give the series to someone else.

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