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    The Uncreative News

    November 19, 2012 by FabrittanaForever

    Ok soooooo....I was inspired by the Brief Recap thing to make this. XD This will be a news/gossip thing on our wiki lives. I will update about once a week.


    Dami and Mew:They aren't yet official but they both like each other. I find this stupid. Just go official! They are currently working on the Random Is Random Wiki along with Sora. A lot of members have noticed them flirting,including me. There has also been some speculation of them secretly dating. On an online love calculator,they scored a 37%. Overall status:Crushing Ship name:Damew

    Brady and 2.0: LOL I know they don't like each other or anything. But so many people ship them that I had to make this section. AND, on the love calculator,the scored a very high 86%. That's honestly th…

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