Ok soooooo....I was inspired by the Brief Recap thing to make this. XD This will be a news/gossip thing on our wiki lives. I will update about once a week.


Dami and Mew:They aren't yet official but they both like each other. I find this stupid. Just go official! They are currently working on the Random Is Random Wiki along with Sora. A lot of members have noticed them flirting,including me. There has also been some speculation of them secretly dating. On an online love calculator,they scored a 37%. Overall status:Crushing Ship name:Damew

Brady and 2.0: LOL I know they don't like each other or anything. But so many people ship them that I had to make this section. AND, on the love calculator,the scored a very high 86%. That's honestly the highest I've seen it go xD. Overall Status:Best Friends Ship name:Brady.0

Emily and Emily: It's official,everyone! Emily is dating herself. They have a very strong relationship. And she thought she was forever alone ;) on the love calculator,it got 83%. Overall Status:Dating Ship name:Emilyemily

LIFE Okay so anyway,I think you all know what's going on with Raptor. He is a wiki villain. He impersonated many users and is now banned. That was my very short recap of this event :p

Gleek heard that they might be letting Brady and the others who were banned back on the wiki.

Season Two of the Uncreative series is starting soon. Get prepared!


My weekly interview was with Gleekgirljerks.

Me:What do you think of the whole Raptor Drama?

Gleek:I'm glad he's banned and I think everyone should get unbanned other than him.

Me:What is your favorite wiki pairing? They don't have to actually be dating.

Gleek:Hmmmm. You and 2.0. Kay.0

Me:...okay then. Have you heard any gossip lately?

Gleek:They are trying to ban Emily again. I saw a blog about it.

Me:Was this today?

Gleek:No,it was a while ago.

Me:Good,I saw her yesterday.

Gleek:Oh,I guess she's not banned then xD

Me:Do you know that Brady ships you and Berry?

Gleek:Yes I do. And if he's reading this,shove it :p

Me:xD Do you ship Dami and Mew?

Gleek: Yes. Damew <3

Me:I found a love calculator online and Damew scored a low 37%. Thoughts?

Gleek:Screw calculators.

Me:And Brady and 2.0 scored 86%


So... Yeah. That's my gossip news thing. Good night everyone <3333

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