I'm just gonna get straight to the point... *Sigh* Shadow's announced for his "clan" to take over... So... I guess this is the end of the UC wiki... Well...It's been great, but all good things must come to an end... Is it bad that I feel like I'm writing a death note? xD So anyway...I just wanna say I loved this place as the UC wiki, and it'll always be one of my fave wikis <3 This is truely a dark day for the UC wiki...Never to come here again...I still believe that Emerz is still the rightful owner, but as I've learned over the years, no one cares about my opinion...So... I love this place, and I think I speak for everyone leaving this wiki when I say, this was, is, and forever will be, MY HOME.

Now I have to say a few things to mah Gurls c;

Well, everyone, this is the end. Just know I love ya, but hopfully we can still chat on that certin wiki c; So, what do ya say? Make it just as good as this one was? This place obviously isn't gonna turn around, so we might as well continue on... I say we should make that wiki as fun, and loving as this one. And even have a few roleplays like this one used to have :D ...One more memory onto the long list c; Well, looks like Shadow won this battle. He may have left lots of people angry, sad, confused, but, things happen for a reason, and life will go on. Maybe he was right when he said that Stars are more powerful than us Gurls, maybe he wasn't. Well never know. I know my opinion c; But just remember Gurls, no matter where us gurls are, we'll always be a family. <33333

-Camerz <3

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