aka Emerz

  • I live in La La Land
  • I was born on November 23
  • My occupation is Writing Fan-Fictions.
  • I am Female
  • GwenTheVampireGurl


    February 16, 2013 by GwenTheVampireGurl

    Did you ACTUALLY just change MY WIKIA'S name? Okay you could mess with My life, my beliefs, my thoughts, BUT YOU CAN NOT MESS WITH MY WIKIA. 

    This is a gosh dayum TAKE OVER... Like rlly? Wtf. You could mess with me BUT DON'T TOUCHE THE WIKIA. 

    I don't give a dayum if you have more power then me at this gosh dayum moment I like to SAY MY OPINIONS. Also this is called freedom of speech. c: 

    In all cerealness why shadow? Wut has this wikia done that you changed it into what you wanted? This wikia was origially me, 2.0, kayla, gleek, and brady's idea. I made this wikia. All 5 of us did. Even if Brady is one of our enemies I got to say he actually helped this wikia when it first started. Us 5 only made this place for a fun hang out. And weird, awk…

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  • GwenTheVampireGurl


    January 27, 2013 by GwenTheVampireGurl

    Well, I guess i'm making this blog too now... 

    I'm sorry gurls and guys. I was always planning to leave wikia.. I guess this is the best time to. 

    Here are places and user names you could find me 

    Twitter: @PewdsDawson

    dA: Emily99723

    Youtube: Emily97723 or chasebandfab5

    And facebook... I won't be giving my name out though :P  

    My final words: I feel I kinda let down this wikia. But you know... shiz happens :/ Anyway, I wish you all luck with your lives. Just saying I'm taking a break from dA and wikia so the only places you could contact me for now is on youtube and twitter. Well I guess we all go our seprate ways now. But one day, we will all meet again. But for now just remember this one line "Let's all agree to never be creative again." 


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  • GwenTheVampireGurl

    Yes, I never thought I would say it myself. xD 

    Most of you probably think this blog is pointless. But it's special to me ;u; 

    I usually never edit or anything on any wikia. So to get 100 edits on this wikia is like "WOOOOAH." 

    T'anks for everyone. c: You guys are the best wikia friends anyone could like EVERR have

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