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  • MightyMewtron

    Season 2

    January 1, 2013 by MightyMewtron

    So, Orange is in charge of season 2, but I want to know:

    1) Who will play which characters? For example, I play Mew, duh.

    2) When should the first RP episode be held?

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  • MightyMewtron

    This Has Got To Stop

    December 18, 2012 by MightyMewtron

    Okay. I understand we're mad at Brady.

    But bringing religion into it and constantly mocking Brady regardless- most of which is now religiously targeted, or basically suggesting he has no life as well- is a bit of a disproportionate retribution. (Look it up.)

    I honestly don't get where 2.0's first "word of god" bit came from. I haven't even seen Brady quote the Bible until now.

    If anyone else makes fun of anyone else's religion, I will ban them for one day to a maximum of a week.

    In addition, please follow the golden rule on this wiki. Stop suggesting Brady has no life just because he did the same to us sometimes.

    Thank you. Merry Christmas, and stop freaking out, ALL OF YOU.

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  • MightyMewtron

    Next Episode

    December 13, 2012 by MightyMewtron

    Could I write the next episode of the UC? Because we are going nowhere with it. :c

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  • MightyMewtron

    Using the tropes from the TV Tropes site, I describe my friends, including you guys and some others:

    Berserk Button: Damie shouted at TDFFers for making fun of Mew and him. This could be his Berserk Button.

    • Do NOT make fun of Gwen or Gwuncan in front of Emily.
    • Taking away Gleek's CM rights.
    • Voting off Orange in an elimination blog, or stealing his character spot in a RP, as Mew found out.
    • Mew takes this Up to Eleven. Do not make fun of James in ANY way, shape, or form, especially by calling him gay.

    Abhorrent Ammo: Orbit's spamming ammo in TD chat.

    Running Gag/Catch Phrase: GURL!!! Y'all acking cray-cray!!!

    • GLITTER!!!
    • Orange's "Yo mamma."

    Getting Crap Past The Radar: Mew pulls this off in the TD chat. ALL. THE. TIME. Example:

    • =====Noah: Guys, check out m…

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  • MightyMewtron

    A Message About S2

    November 27, 2012 by MightyMewtron

    Dear everyone, can we please establish a time and date for each episode of the UC series? I missed the first episode, and I don't want to miss anything else. Thanks!

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