Here's the deal

Just to clarify what's gonna happen and what's happeing.

First of all, I'm not mad at anyone, I don't hate anyone, and I'm ready for this to be over. I'm just not ready to forgive everyone totally just yet because so many people apologized at once that I don't know who means it or if it was just some diabolical plan to get unbanned so you can come and torture me some more. In this whole thing, it's kind of hard to forgive and forget. ;-;

Second. I'm not gonna "get" Ryan to unban anyone. I can suggest shortening the bans but I'm not gonna go up to Ryan and demand unbannings.

Third. It's not my fault most of you were banned. Those who voted to have me demoted were banned because Ryan saw anyone who was willing to protest for Brady was going to stay on the chat and torture me about it. i.e. Telling me to die in a hole. >_> Calm your tits, Ryan was just sticking up for me and he knew I'd been through a lot that day.

So I have no idea how long some of you were banned, nor do I want to get off of my flabby tushie and go look because I'm a fat lazy pig. If you didn't sign the thingy and you were banned, I dunno why you were banned. :B


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