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  • Semanticdrifter

    Issues on This Wiki

    February 20, 2013 by Semanticdrifter

    Hello everyone,

    We have received a few complaints about this wiki and the recent developments here. Ordinarily Wikia likes to let its community members sort out local issues for themselves, but after reviewing the situation it has become clear that we have to step in.

    Wikis are community-owned projects, and as such they are governed by their users. Admins and Bureaucrats have a few extra rights, but that is to aid in the carrying out the smooth running of the wiki not to unilaterally change the focus of the wiki and "take over" with a group of hand-picked "clan" members. This definitely goes against the wiki spirit. So does labelling people as "enemies of the state" and blocking any user who does not agree with the current Admin team.

    That be…

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