Well, after a long week of raps, rhymes, big wins, and no cheating, only two contestants could advance. Here are the results.

Shadow☆Star VS. Complicated: Shadow wins. Status: Landslide Victory This wasn't close at all. Shadow easily took this one.

CoGreen2.0 VS. Twilightlicous: CoGreen2.0 wins. Status: Very Close CoGreen and Twilight were tied throughout the week. A last minute vote gave 2.0 the win. Congratulations to CoGreen!


1. CoGreen2.0 2. Shadow Star

Semifinal Matchups

The following are the semifinal battles for this week:

  • ¹CoGreen2.0 VS ²Shadow Star

Whoever wins the semifinal match will face the winner of the Round 1 battle royale

Comeback Challenge Details

Now it is time for the comeback challenge. Here are the people who are eligible for it.

  • MightyMewtron
  • Camrie Marcus
  • OrangeBirdMaster2
  • Brickster U (technically)

This will be a battle royale. Every man, and woman, for themselves. The winner will be in the finals.

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