Well everyone, as most of you already know Brickster U has temporarily left wikia. He has left me "in charge". I'm not actually going to boss everyone around, but there are some important changes I feel need to be adressed

Chat Moderators

This wiki has way too many Chat Moderators. About 90% of us are Chat Moderators. If everyone is a Chat Moderator, then no one is. So there will be a change with that. From this point forward, there can only be 3 Chat Moderators (not counting admins). All the current Chat Moderators have had their rights removed. Voting will start soon. 

Season 2

I don't really know how season 2 will get back into production. If anyone has any ideas then I'll give them permission to begin writing.

That is all for now. Some major stuff is about to go down. Thank you and have a nice day. Shadow☆Star 02:34, December 7, 2012 (UTC)

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