I have some important announcements. The first three rap battles are currently being voted on while Complicatedgirl101 has yet to do hers. In the meantime, voting for the current rap battles will end tomorrow. Also, voting for Chat Moderator rights is over.

These users will gain the rights

  • DaRealLion
  • Complicatedgirl101

Congrats to our new Chat Mods. Our rap battles have some interesting results so far. Currently, these users are winning

Shadow Star vs. MightyMewtron: Shadow Star is winning 11 to 8

Brickster U vs. Twilightlicious: Brickster U is winning 10 to 7

CoGreen vs. OrangeBirdMaster2: CoGreen is winning 9 to 2

Complicatedgirl101 vs. Camrie Marcus with Nina Ramo: Complicatedgirl101 is winning 3 to 1

Keep voting people. Voting ends on Thursday. Shadow☆Star 01:13, December 11, 2012 (UTC)

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