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  • Temaricanfan

    Well I received yet another message from Raptor. This one is pretty long. Yet very important. So read slowly.

    Okay. After being blocked by Raptor's DeviantArt account, I got another message on another DeviantArt account made by him. He explained thoroughly his motives and what he had done.

    He roughly stated:

    "This is another message from the now infamous Raptorman521 and just to prove that I am not lying to get attention. You may remember this account from earlier this year before you met my main disguise. I actually made this old account a few months back just to harass that Meerkat102 bozo that is on here. I also made that fake impersonation account of him account on the wiki just so that the users on the wiki who also have deviantart accou…

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  • Temaricanfan


    November 11, 2012 by Temaricanfan

    Okay. I'm just going to lay it out fast. I'm pretty sure most of you guys don't know this. So that is why I'm making this blog to inform you guys about the following topic.

    Raptor was that racist user on the Total Drama Wiki all this time. He admitted he was via DeviantArt :P Here's what he said:

    "I just wanted to stop by one last time to finally confess something to you. I AM DOVOODO; A.K.A. THE RACIST VANDAL WHO HAS BEEN TERRORISING THE TOTAL DRAMA WIKI ALL THIS TIME! Thats right, it was I who advertised the N*ggermania website on the wiki as well as several other offences against is as well. I simply avoided the global bans by attacking the wiki at school. I never actually wanted to become an admin of the wiki anyway since I tried to and …

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