Okay. I'm just going to lay it out fast. I'm pretty sure most of you guys don't know this. So that is why I'm making this blog to inform you guys about the following topic.

Raptor was that racist user on the Total Drama Wiki all this time. He admitted he was via DeviantArt :P Here's what he said:

"I just wanted to stop by one last time to finally confess something to you. I AM DOVOODO; A.K.A. THE RACIST VANDAL WHO HAS BEEN TERRORISING THE TOTAL DRAMA WIKI ALL THIS TIME! Thats right, it was I who advertised the N*ggermania website on the wiki as well as several other offences against is as well. I simply avoided the global bans by attacking the wiki at school. I never actually wanted to become an admin of the wiki anyway since I tried to and blew it with my Mehead disguise. I just wanted to see how long it would take you chumps to make the connections and find out that it was me all along. Sadly, the that big scandal ruined everything, so I just decided to give the TD wiki one last piece of hell, and try to blame it on Brady and make him take the fall for it. Unfortunately, the wiki did not fall for it so that is why I am finally confessing to my actions. Don't even try to get back at me since not only have I disabled all of my accounts. But also this last anti-Obama account has earned my IP address a considerably large amount of mandatory vacation time from all of Wikia. Finally don't be afraid to tell the others about this. I am sure that they would absolutly love to hear that the Total Drama wiki's greatest villan has met his match and is finally giving up. Good day to you and the rest of the TD wiki."

So. After a brief response from me, he also stated:

"but at least I was good enough to fool you for all of these months. Bruce almost caught me since this username was on the N*ggermania website, but all I had to do is make up a story about me being impersonated and he fell for it. Finally you might want to tell Brady and the others on the Uncreative wiki that I managed to play them and the whole TD wiki like a fiddle. I am just now getting rid of this account since I do not need it no more, have another good day."

I just wanted to let you guys know. You guys were probably all fooled by him. I know. I kinda was too. So the moral of this blog is to never trust people on the Internet.


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