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  • Twilightlicious

    Well, after a long week of raps, rhymes, big wins, and enormous comebacks, only four contestants could advance. Here are your Round One standings:

    Shadow VS. Mewtron: Shadow wins. Status: Close Call This was a close one, but Shadow managed to take the win.

    CoGreen VS. Orange, featuring The Cat: CoGreen wins. Status: Blowout CoGreen won by a longshot. Thankfully, The Cat is gone...for now. Congratulations to CoGreen!

    Twilightlicous VS. Brickster U: Twilightlicious wins Status: Giant Lead Twilight had the early lead of 11-1 and retained his victory throughout the week, with the exception of Brady's rigging, with eliminated Dickster U.

    Complicated VS. Camrie, Featuring Nina: Complicated Wins Status: Close Call Complicated was able to win, but Nin…

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